Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival 2021

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April 12 at 7:30 EST
April 19 at 7:30 EST

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Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival is back!  We are excited to share the news that this coming April 2021, we will present two live concerts, with all of the composers and performers participating on stage, live at Symphony Space in the Thalia Theater. The concerts are listed below, and in the coming months I will share with you videos of the composers and performers in our monthly newsletters.  If you are not already on our mailing list to receive these, please e-mail me at so that I can add your name to our contacts.

Here are the upcoming concerts:

The Art of the 21st Century Trombone 

Jorge Machain: Adelante
performed by Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic;             Martha Locker, pianist

Harrison J. Collins: The Beginning of Spring
performed by John Romero, Principal Trombone, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra; Hanako Yamagata Greenberg, pianist

Kenneth Fuchs: Bass Trombone Concerto
performed by George Curran, Bass trombone, New York Philharmonic
Hanako Yamagata Greenberg, pianist

Anthony Barfield: Red Sky
performed by Colin Williams, Associate Principal Trombone, NY Philharmonic; Hanako Yamagata Greenberg, pianist 

Victoria Bond: The Voices of Air
performed by JoDee Davis, Professor of Trombone
Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory
Dan Velicer, pianist

Immigrant Dreams

Ron Warren: Distances Between 2  (New York premiere)
performed by Paul Barnes, piano

Philip Glass: Piano Quintet “Annunciation”  (New York premiere)
Part One; Part Two (transcribed for solo piano by Paul Barnes)
performed by Paul Barnes, piano

David von Kampen: Trisagion (New York premiere)
performed by Paul Barnes, piano

Victoria Bond: Three Illuminations on Byzantine Chant (world premiere) 
performed by Paul Barnes, piano

Highlights from Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival 2019

Philip Glass, Paul Barnes and Victoria Bond at Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival.

Composer: Maria Newman
Hal Ott, flute; Maria Newman, violin; Scott Hosfeld, viola

“Traditional Byzantine Chant”
Osi is Hriston; Simeron Kremate; Einite ton Kyrion
Archdiocesan Byzantine Choir
Demetrios Kehagias, conductor

“Simeron Kremate”
Composer: Victoria Bond
Paul Barnes, piano

Piano Quintet “Annunciation”
Composer: Philip Glass
Paul Barnes, piano; Maria Newman, violin; Laura Hamilton, violin; Scott Hosfeld, viola; David Geber, cello

“The Adventures of Gulliver”
Composer: Victoria Bond
Librettist: Stephen Greco
Director: Doug Fitch

Michael Kelly, baritone Old Gulliver
Ariadne Graf, soprano Mrs. Gulliver
Sean Christensen, tenor Young Gulliver
Yoojin Lee, mezzo-soprano Glumdalclitch
David Charles Tay, tenor Lilliputian King
Daniel Klein, bass-baritone Houyhnhnm Master
Marc Peloquin pianist

February 25

The Poetry of Places
February 25, 2019, 7:30 pm

Nadia Shpachenko-Gottesman, pianist
The Poetry of Places CD Release Celebration

Harold Meltzer, “In Full Sail”
Jack Van Zandt, “Sí an Bhrú”
Hannah Lash,  “Give Me Your Songs”
Amy Beth Kirsten, “h.o.p.e. for piano, toy piano, and voice”
James Matheson, “Alone, in waters shimmering and dark”
Victoria Bond, “Mechanical Dolls”
Lewis Spratlan, “Two Rags”

“Amatsu Kaze”
Composer: Paul Chihara
Sophia Maekawa, mezzo-soprano; Elizabeth Mann, flute; Alan Kay, clarinet The Horszowski Trio Jesse Mills, violin; Paul Wiancko, cello; Rieko Aizawa, piano